Hi guys, Josh Bowmar here! I am super excited to talk about the similarities and differences between our world-famous Bowmar Nose Button and our new Recurve Nose Button. 

Here at Bowmar Archery, we have worked for two years making the perfect nose button, giving archers the most consistent anchor point. When you purchase the Bowmar Nose Button from Bowmar Archery, you receive two different sizes of nose buttons – small and large. Along with the buttons comes the serving you need to tie it onto your string. 

Recently, we also came out with the new recurve edition of the Bowmar Nose Button. I and the team at Bowmar Archery worked with Brady Ellison, world record holder and olympic archer to develop a 60% softer nose button that doesn’t benefit just recurve shooters, but it benefits the average bowhunter as well. 

Similarities between the OG and Recurve 

  • Both versions come with 2 nose buttons – small and large and 2 sets of serving
  • No tools required for either buttons 
  • Both sets of nose buttons are the exact same size
  • Both nose buttons weigh the same 
  • Both nose buttons come in a variety of colors

Differences between the OG and Recurve 

  • The Recurve nose button is 60% softer, while the OG nose button is sharper.
  • The spike in the Recurve button folds up and compresses – it doesn’t hurt!

In my Bowmar Bowhunting video, Levi Morgan and Brady Ellison both tested out the Bowmar nose buttons. Click here  to see their testimony!

I would love to hear which nose button YOU prefer – the original or the recurve edition!

— Josh Bowmar