Hi guys, Josh Bowmar here from Bowmar Bowhunting and Bowmar Archery. 

I have spent the last couple of weeks preparing my bow for an upcoming hunt. I was getting ready to install my Bowmar Nose Button, and I wanted to give you guys a couple of helpful tips on installing the nose button to get the most out of your setup and maximize your accuracy. 

Figure out of your shooting a dove pin system or a fixed pin system.

A fixed pin system is really easy to install. You just need to get your peep height correct. When you draw back and your peep is in line with your housing, you want to make sure the Bowmar Nose Button is right on the tip of your nose. 

It gets interesting when you run a dovetail system, which is what I use on my bow. A lot of guys make the mistake of adjusting the site to 20 yards, and placing their Bowmar Nose Button where it’s perfect at 20. Whenever you crank to 100 yards, you’re going to have to creep off the Bowmar Nose Button so it’s in line with your housing. My tip is to install the Bowmar Nose Button in the middle of your yardage. 

If you shoot in between 0 and 100 yards: You want to sight your bow at twenty yards, then once you get to 50 yards, install your Bowmar Nose Button. You would install it the exact same way you install with a fixed pin. 

The yardage you install the nose button at depends on what YOU are shooting. It is different for everyone. I max out at 140 yards, so I will install my nose button at 70 yards.

Bonus Tip: 

A lot of guys don’t go to this level of detail, but I do and I love it. Before you tie in your nose button, take a look down your sight and line up the spike with the center of your peep. This little tip will make it even more accurate than it already is. 

I hope you enjoyed this Bowmar Nose Button tip!

Josh Bowmar