Hi guys, Josh Bowmar here! 

I get asked all the time to share the techniques I use that help me kill big bucks. 

The first step to killing a big buck is knowing which types of deer are on your property. Most people have big bucks, they’re just not getting them on camera.

Tip 1: Getting the deer on camera 

I had two heavy deer trails that ran side-by-side and then they “Y’d” off. This is really common! I blocked off one of those trails with a log so the deer funneled down one trail. At the end of that trail there was an overhanging limb, but the trail had ended. I used my weed eater to clear out and extend the trail. I picked a tree that the trail ran in front of, but I could also see my food plot. I killed two birds with one stone. It is really important to consider angles, and you can easily change the trail direction to get a better angle. I show this process here.

Tip 2: Getting the deer on camera continued..

In one of my farms, I had a section that was in between two of my fields. I mowed this section to start out really wide, then narrowed it down. I mowed it down just enough to fit a camera in there. I decided to hang a camera near an oak limb, then I created a scrape. Due to this funnel I created, my camera could see the entire width of the path. Now, this little funnel right between two food plots is big buck central! Watch the process on my Bowmar Bowhunting Instagram here.

Tip 3: Extend the field edges

I used my mower to extend the edges of my field. I mowed in about 7-10 feet, which gave the field a ton of overhanging limbs. With the creek right behind the edge of the field, it will act as a natural funnel come September. When choosing where to make a scrape, I pick the major limbs. Deer communicate through scrapes, so this little trick makes it really easy for them. You can find this process on my Bowmar Bowhunting Instagram here.

Tip 4: How to get inventory on your property in the summer

A lot of people think that deer don’t hit scrapes in the summer, only in October. That is incorrect! To create a scrape, I start by finding the major limbs in my field. I create my own scrape under that limb and dump some (https://hodagoutdoors.com/estore/all/allseason-scent  make an affiliate link) on the scrape AND the limb. I use A LOT of scent, I would say about ¼-½ bottle per scrape. I have found that a lot of people are not using enough scent. My newest trick that I have really been loving is to attach a grape vine into my scrapes! I show my whole process on my Bowmar Bowhunting Instagram.

I hope these tips and tricks will help you guys. I linked all of my Bowmar Archery videos where I go into deeper detail about each tip. Check them out!

— Josh Bowmar