Hi guys, Josh Bowmar here! 

Today I will be talking all about arrows! I’m going to give you three tips that will make your arrows more accurate. These tips are targeted towards an individual that likes to buy their arrows at a shop, take them home, and make them better. 

If you prefer to build your own arrows, I have a video on Bowmar Bowhunting’s YouTube channel that is targeted towards the DIY guy.

I want you guys to get the most out of your arrows, so I am going to do my Josh Bowmar breakdown of my three tips that make every arrow more accurate.

1. Sort Your Arrows

If you’re at a shop and they’re going to cut your arrows for you, ask them if they have a spinner. If you buy a dozen arrows that are just shafts, you’re going to want to spin your arrows. The number one thing that will ruin the flight of an arrow, even with a perfectly tuned bow, is the spine of an arrow. A straight arrow is a great arrow. You want to get the most out of your arrow by making it as straight as possible. Spinning your arrows will do that for you. I show you how I took my damaged arrow and spun it in my Bowmar Bowhunting video here. After I spin my arrows, I go in and mark my perfect arrows. 

2. Square Your Arrow Ends

Shops that get really busy miss this step a lot, but it is so important If you get a nock that doesn’t fit flush to the back of the arrow, it will fly like junk even if it is perfectly straight. My favorite arrow-squaring device is from Firenock (https://firenock.com/) . This device allows you to square already-fletched arrows. I show this process in my Bowmar Bowhunting video here.

3. Spin Your Inserts

When I spin my own inserts, I use hot melt. Hot melt is a recipe for a mess, and takes a lot more effort, but it works so much better for me. I show the steps I take in my Bowmar Bowhunting video.

These steps are the keys to success when it comes to accurate arrows! Please let me know if this helps you!

— Josh Bowmar