Hi guys, Josh Bowmar here from Bowmar Archery.

Today I am going to give you guys another killer tip for killing big bucks. Killing big bucks starts with finding big bucks. This one tip will increase your success on finding those big, mature whitetails when all else fails.

You can kill bucks over food and over bedding areas, but a really undervalued place to kill big bucks is at pinch points. You can also create your own pinch points and funnels. 

In my video, I showed you my plans for one of our farms leading up to the fall of 2020. There was an area in our farm that was really overgrown, so we decided to clear it out and turn it into a food plot. By the end of the day, we had it all cleared out.

One of my favorite parts of this food plot was the creek that ran right behind it. We created a crossing along the steep bank that acted as a natural funnel for the deer. Now, when the deer use this crossing, they are already within bow range. The key to making a crossing for the deer is to find where they were already crossing. I walked along the bank of the creek and found a dominant trail that was closest to my food plot. Our goal was to expand this crossing and make it easy and convenient for the deer so  they forget about all the other trails. This can be done with a shovel – take out a couple feet of bank and make it more gradual. Obviously, using a skid steer is faster, but anyone can do it.

It’s really awesome to see deer utilizing your homemade crossings come October. I hope this little tip is helpful. Let me know if you try it!

— Josh Bowmar