Hi guys, Josh Bowmar from Bowmar Bowhunting here!

I am going to go over a common mistake a lot of people are making and don’t even realize it.

This mistake – vein to face contact, which causes facial pressure. 

 I have discussed how easy it is to adjust the string with facial pressure, and how it takes barely anything to move the string. Same thing goes for your arrow. If you have any pressure on your arrow, it puts pressure on the string and causes error to your shot.

A lot of people have their arrows pre-made from a shop or they order them. Generally, these arrows are fletched a certain distance from the knock. Everybody’s distance varies a little bit. This could be due to face size and shape, facial hair, and several other different factors. With all those variabilities, that’ll change how far down the vein should be fletched from the knock. 

In my Bowmar Bowhunting video, I purposefully fletched an arrow incorrectly. When I went into full-draw and anchored, you can see that the vein of my arrow was touching my face. Now when that bow is released, the arrow has to correct and causes my arrow to shoot left or right.

You want to achieve full facial clearance from the knocks. 

It is important to test your arrow to see how far the distance should be between the knock and the vein. You want the veins of the arrow to be in front of your face, not touching. I show exactly how to do this in my Bowmar Bowhunting YouTube video and what it looks like when I pull back into full-draw. 

When I pull back my bow, I have total clearance which allows me to execute the perfect shot without vein interference. For me, the distance is an inch and ¾. I highly recommend measuring and adjusting your arrows to what they should be. 

Again, refer to the Bowmar Bowhunting YouTube channel to watch my “Fletching Inaccuracy” video. Let me know if you make this change!

– Josh Bowmar