Hi guys, Josh Bowmar from Bowmar Archery and Bowmar Bowhunting here! Welcome back! 

Today, I am going to be sharing another accuracy tip. I am going to discuss the proper steps to take to have the most accurate shooting fix blade. If you would like to follow along with my Bowmar Bowhunting YouTube video, click here.

Sarah and I don’t shoot fix blades very often, but when we do, we make SURE to do this! Index the fix blade with the veins. 

Step 1: Heat up the broadhead. You don’t want to overheat the blade. I place my finger at the top of the shaft, that way I know when it starts to get warm. Refer to the picture below! Heat it up enough so I can twist the broadhead so it lines up with the veins. I show exactly how I do this in my Bowmar Bowhunting YouTube video. 


Step 2: Take a pair of pliers and twist it. Make sure you aren’t touching the actual veins – you don’t want them to lose their sharpness. Twist until the veins and blades are lined up.


Step 3: I like to dip the broadhead in cold water so it hardens quickly. 

You are good to go! Again, I show this entire process on my Bowmar Bowhunting YouTube channel. I have noticed that aligning my fix blades with the veins of my arrow make a HUGE difference in accuracy when I am shooting a fix blade. 

I hope you all enjoyed this quick accuracy tip! If you or a friend is struggling with consistency, I HIGHLY recommend trying out the Bowmar Archery nose button. We also have a ton of content on our Bowmar Bowhunting YouTube channel with all of my best accuracy tips and tricks. 

Josh Bowmar