Welcome back! It’s Josh Bowmar, from Bowmar Archery and Bowmar Bowhunting. Today, I am going to show you the SIX things you should do to every ground blind before you go turkey hunting.

 You will need the following supplies: duct tape or electrical tape, matte finish tape (hockey tape works the best), and a knife or razor blade.

 The turkey blind that I use is the Ox 5 ground blind by Barronett. I’ve used this for years and really like it for turkey hunting because it is SO big.

 Tip 1: Take out the netting

The first thing I do when I get in my ground blind is take out the net. I don’t think it’s really necessary for turkey hunting. I cut it completely out. I also remove any and ALL tags inside the blind.

 Tip 2: Black everything out

The number one rule for ground blind hunting is make sure you have a solid black background inside. These Barronetts make it really easy to do this because they don’t have any windows in the back. Make sure all of the windows and cracks behind you are sealed up. A lot of people think that when a turkey busts them it’s because of their decoy setup, but in reality it is because of your silhouette.

 Some blinds have gaps that let light in. This is where the duct tape comes into play. I take my duct tape and tape off all the cracks and holes.

 Another bonus tip: always wear black in the blind!

 Tip 3: Get rid of all remaining material

This is a really great tip if you are filming or bow hunting. You will notice there is a lot of extra material in a ground blind, especially in the front windows. I like to use electrical tape, and tape down six inches from the bottom and six inches from the top, then I’ll cut out all the material in the middle. By doing this, you make your field of view much larger, and you are less likely to hit it with your arrow.

 I show exactly how I do this in my Bowmar Bowhunting YouTube video.

 Tip 4: Tape up anything shiny

The things that will catch an animal’s eye, shine! That’s not really natural in a hunting setting. I take my matte tape and cover up anything that is shiny.

 Tip 5: How to silence your ground blind

The next tip will help quiet down your ground blind so you can open and close it in silence. All you have to do is buffer the connection between the metal joint. Take a thin piece of tape and stick it right in between where the hub meets the rods. I show how I do this in the Bowmar Bowhunting YouTube video. There is no metal on metal when you do this!

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 Tip 6: Chip clips

I will take chip clips and roll extra fabric up and clip it to seal any extra light that is getting through. I’ll also use them when adjusting my window size. They work really well!

 I hope you enjoy all of these tips. I do this process with every single ground blind that I buy. These tips will increase your success this turkey season.

 Josh Bowmar