Hi guys, Josh Bowmar here from Bowmar Bowhunting and today I am going to be talking about shed hunting.  

I am so excited to share some of my best Bowmar Bowhunting shed hunting tips with all of you! This year has been the best year of shed hunting Sarah and I have EVER had. We found 250+ sheds in ONE SEASON. We work so hard on our farms planting and growing food plots and keeping the bucks fed through the tough Iowa winters. All of that hard work definitely paid off!

Before I get into the tips, I want to state the obvious. You are going to find sheds in places where there are bucks. If your farm doesn’t have many bucks, you may not have the best luck.

Let’s get into the tips!

Tip 1: Search on south facing slopes

Slopes that face the south are exposed to the sun the most. You will notice that the snow melts off those slopes first, making it easier to find sheds. Since those slopes are the warmest, deer will spend more of their time trying to stay warm in the winter. We found a majority of our sheds on south facing slopes. 

Tip 2: Search right off the food

Deer tend to shed their antlers where they spend the most time. People think that deer feed all night, but that’s not the case. Deer will feed, then come off and bed right near the food. Those little spots just off the food are really great places to find sheds.

Tip 3: Search fence lines (on your land)

When deer jump a fence and hit the ground, their antlers have a tendency to come off. Always be sure to search there.

Tip 4: Have a hunting partner hide sheds

If you are new to shed hunting, or it’s your first time out for the season, have whoever you’re with hide a few sheds. This will help you get an eye for what you’re looking for and you will for sure find some.

Tip 5: Scout while you shed hunt

As I am shed hunting, I always look at the area for scrapes, rubs, and heavy trails. This gives me an idea as to where the deer are bedding or places that I may want to put a camera. 

I hope you enjoyed these five tips! If you want to watch our 2021 shed hunting videos, tune in to our Bowmar Bowhunting YouTube channel.

Josh Bowmar