Hi guys, Josh Bowmar here from Bowmar Bowmar Bowhunting!

I am so excited to share this new setup on my bow. This bow is the PSE Evo NXT 35 edition. What makes this bow so crazy is it has 90 POUND LIMBS! This thing is literally a superhero of a bow. I am off to Alaska to hunt giant brown bears, and decided to show you my complete setup. Head over to Bowmar Bowhunting and follow along with my new video. 

I want to dive into the complete setup of this bow so you guys get the full picture. 

Let’s start off with arrows. The arrows that I’m using are the X-Impact 200 spine. Insert-wise I’m using a 105 grain ethics archery insert with a 100 grain field point, which will be a 100 grain broadhead. That puts 205 grains up-front. On the back end of the arrow we are running the 2.75 tack veins. I use a 4 fletch with a slight helical. My arrow setup weighed 571 grains – we are talking a MASSIVE arrow. 

Usually when you shoot an arrow this heavy, you’re shooting it at slow speeds, but not with the 90 pounds super bow. We are going to be shooting this arrow over 300 feet/second!

In my Bowmar Bowhunting video, I pulled back my bow to make sure it was set at 90 pounds. I also do a bunch of shooting and speed tests! This bow build is just amazing and fast. Thank you PSE for helping make these custom 90 pound limbs! Getting a bow to shoot this fast is crazy!

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-Josh Bowmar