Hi guys, Josh Bowmar here from Bowmar Bowhunting!

Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite hunting snacks with you guys. Whether you are hunting turkeys, deer hunting the rut, chasing elks up mountains, going on a safari hunt in Africa, or even hunting bear in Alaska, these snacks from Bowmar Nutrition and Apex are perfect for you. On my latest bear hunt in Alaska, we got stuck a few extra days due to the weather. Thank goodness I packed my essential snacks with me, because that’s all we had left to eat those last few days. 

Bowmar Nutrition Protein Packets 

Bowmar Nutrition sells sample-sized packets of protein. They are perfect to throw in your hunting pack or bring on a plane when traveling. I prefer to pack sample packets when I am traveling so I can bring a variety of different flavors. 

Bowmar Nutrition Protein Bars

The Bowmar Nutrition protein bars are the perfect meal replacement bar. These bars were a lifesaver in Alaska. They kept me full, and I knew I was still getting an adequate amount of protein each day. The protein bars come in a variety of different flavors as well!

Apex Sticks

The Apex Protein Sticks are one of my very favorite snacks. I bring these wherever I go! They are only 90-105 calories with 11g of protein per stick. They also come in four amazing flavors. Again, I am so thankful I packed these for my bear hunt in Alaska. 

Apex Biltong

The Apex Biltong is a healthier version of jerky! The taste is incredible. One bag is 36g of protein and 0g of sugar. These snacks are made to work within any diet plan and keep you at peak performance. They also come in six different flavors!


These four snacks are my go-to snacks all the time, but especially while hunting. They are small enough to throw in my pack, and I am able to hit my protein goal WHILE HUNTING – which is incredible! Give these snacks a try on your next hunt and let me know what you think!

Josh Bowmar