Hi guys, Josh Bowmar here from Bowmar Archery and Bowmar Bowhunting!

We are finally back from Africa, but I have a lot more African safari success stories that I am excited to share with all of you! I am excited to share that I shot a GIANT sable! I have been to Africa four times, and have failed four times to get a sable with a bow. But this trip, I was determined to get it done. It wasn’t easy, but I achieved my goal.

We spot and stalked this ancient old beast of a bull and got 75 yards from him, but he ran out of clover and was feeding away from us. I knew there was no chance of getting any closer. Finally, when he got to 82 yards, he opened up, giving me a strong quartering away shot. 

I calmed my breathing, got my nose button in place, and began settling my pin right in front of his hip, putting the exit right behind the shoulder. I watched the arrow fly through the air, nailing the sable. He took off into a thick brush. 

As for my shot, left and right it was perfect, but we thought I may have hit him a tad low. We watched the footage and the shot was a tad lower than perfect, but not as bad as we thought. 

With the heavy population of leopards, lions, and hyenas, we didn’t give him a ton of time because there wouldn’t be anything left. We quickly found him bedded, so I snuck into 15 yards and put in a follow shot through the heart and he instantly died.

Turns out, I clipped the bottom of his lung and smoked his liver with my first shot, so he would have died, but a follow up shot never hurts. Little did we know how big he really was. We broke out the tape and to all of our shock, HE MEASURED 43 INCHES, making this the largest sable ever killed with a bow in Tanzania.

This animal was a true beast. I am so grateful for the opportunity to hunt this animal.

Josh Bowmar