Hi guys, Josh Bowmar here from Bowmar Archery and Bowmar Bowhunting! I am taking a break from our Africa content to discuss a brand new Bowmar Archery Product – the Bowmar Peep Tuner! 

A lot of people have dealt with peep rotation their entire life. When you get a brand new bow or you get a new string, you put the peep site in and it’s crooked. When trying to correct this issue, whether it be at a pro shop or in a bow press, it is nearly impossible to get it to sit perfectly straight on your string. This product fixes peep rotation.

The peep tuner keeps your peep perfectly square. It will not stretch over time, and it is easy to adjust on your bow. If you are noticing rotation when you draw back, you can slide the peep tuner up and down your string to fine-tune your bow and correct the peep site rotation. The Bowmar Archery peep tuner works on ANY bow string. 

I have an entire YouTube video where I discuss how the peep tuner can help YOU! There is also an entire Bowmar Bowhunting YouTube video dedicated to the installation process. If you install your peep site the way that I do, you can do this all from home. The installation process is easy, and after installing, it is easy to adjust to your needs. 

When you order the Bowmar Archery peep tuner, it comes with three different sizes of peep tuners in one package along with the serving. I discuss in my Bowmar Bowhunting YouTube video, which size is right for you. The peep tuner comes in nine different colors as well. 

To purchase your nose button click HERE! As always we love and appreciate all of your support over where at Bowmar Archery. We truly cannot thank you enough. 

Josh Bowmar